Shawn Froidevaux grew up with the beautiful Swiss Alps as his playground. As a child he explored the mountains with his father, who told him stories of his days as a competitive ski jumper.


Ski jumping is undoubtably a sport for the fearless but his father's motto: “The World Belongs to the Brave” pushed him to take risks every day.


Inspired by these words the founder has taken his own leap in creating an activewear brand. As a keen skier himself with his love for the mountains, he is concerned about the damage we are doing to our environment. 


VERTEX APRL is committed to preserving the mountains which he loves. To achieve that, he knows that he must not only fight in the mountains, but he must join the worldwide campaign to save all our environments. Our activewear is made from recycled materials that are durable, illustrating our commitment to escaping a throwaway culture. We believe that everybody should take a risk and stand for what they believe in.